LIGO & Science Education Center

Home to one of LIGO’s two gravitational wave detectors, our facility operates in tandem with LIGO Hanford to listen for the faint whispers of gravitational waves from the most energetic events in the universe. 

Livingston Parish is one of only two sites in the United States for the National Science Foundation’s Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO).”  No Attractions in the NSF (National Science Foundation).

LIGO is used by the world scientific community. It consists of two widely-separated installations within the United States, this one near Livingston, and the other at Hanford, Washington, operated in unison as a single observatory.

LIGO now offers monthly open houses on Saturdays in order to better accommodate families and working people. Schools and special groups can book appointments any day. More information may be found on the LIGO website: