• January 21, 2014
Springfield Civil War Reenactment

Living History: Springfield, LA is flooded with history. The reenactment represents the Battle of Blood River on March 15th with a Living History & Civil War Re-enactment.

The final three years of the Civil War, Livingston Parish was the dividing line between the Confederates and Federals. The Federals were trying to take control of the Mississippi River and would conduct raids into the parish. Even though there were no major battles fought in Livingston, several skirmishers were fought within her borders.

One such incident occurred on Sunday, March 12, 1865. Under the protection of the Union soldiers and gunboats, two men named Goubernoter and Wells were selling contraband goods off of vessels situated near the mouth of the Tickfaw River. Confederate authorities decided to stop this illegal trading by sending a force from Mobile, AL, under the command of a Lt. McDermott.

The rest of this story and more can be heard in Springfield. Don’t miss the fun!

March 7, 2014 – Kids Day
March 8, 2014 – Reenactment 2:30pm
March 9, 2014 – Reenactment 2:30pm