Browse our event calendar below to find out about all the upcoming events around Livingston Parish. Livingston Parish is a vibrant community filled with annual events and activities full of music, food, family, fun, and more! If you have an event you would like to add, email us all the details at and we can get it added to our calendar.

Below are the list of featured events coming up soon! Click the event to view more details, direction, and contact information.

february 2019

3feb - 2marAll Day2019 Mardi Gras Parades

march 2019

3feb - 2marAll Day2019 Mardi Gras Parades
2marAll DayOld South Jamboree
9marAll DayV. Watts Trade Day
16marAll DayGrand Country Junction
16marAll DayLIGO Science Saturday

april 2019

6aprAll DayOld South Jamboree
13aprAll DayV. Watts Trade Day
20aprAll DayGrand Country Junction
20aprAll DayLIGO Science Saturday

may 2019

4mayAll DayOld South Jamboree
11mayAll DayV. Watts Trade Day
18mayAll DayGrand Country Junction
18mayAll DayLIGO Science Saturday

june 2019

1junAll DayOld South Jamboree
8junAll DayV. Watts Trade Day
15junAll DayGrand Country Junction
15junAll DayLIGO Science Saturday

july 2019

6julAll DayOld South Jamboree
13julAll DayV. Watts Trade Day
20julAll DayGrand Country Junction
20julAll DayLIGO Science Saturday

august 2019

3augAll DayOld South Jamboree
10augAll DayV. Watts Trade Day
17augAll DayGrand Country Junction
17augAll DayLIGO Science Saturday

september 2019

7sepAll DayOld South Jamboree
14sepAll DayV. Watts Trade Day
21sepAll DayGrand Country Junction
21sepAll DayLIGO Science Saturday

october 2019

5octAll DayOld South Jamboree
12octAll DayV. Watts Trade Day
19octAll DayGrand Country Junction
19octAll DayLIGO Science Saturday

november 2019

2novAll DayOld South Jamboree
9novAll DayV. Watts Trade Day
16novAll DayGrand Country Junction
16novAll DayLIGO Science Saturday

december 2019

7decAll DayOld South Jamboree
14decAll DayV. Watts Trade Day
21decAll DayGrand Country Junction
21decAll DayLIGO Science Saturday

january 2020

4janAll DayOld South Jamboree
11janAll DayV. Watts Trade Day
18janAll DayGrand Country Junction
18janAll DayLIGO Science Saturday